Life Lately

It's been a while since my last post so it's about time I give you guys a little update into what I've been up to lately! 

At the end of August we took a much needed vacation to the West Coast to visit my husband's family in California. We were in desperate need of sun, sleep and the beach. Luckily we got two out of the three covered quite well. We had a wonderful time visiting with our family and friends but my husband and I did get a harsh, unexpected dose of "traveling with a toddler is not remotely considered a vacation." Our little guy never really adjusted to the time difference which meant 4am wake up calls every day. Our flight was a laughable nightmare. Meaning we are laughing now, but definitely not at the time. We also learned that taking a little person out of their routine and environment while important, is not always fun and lends itself to tantrums of a brand new level, making excess alcohol mandatory. Let's just say that while our trip was lovely we returned back to Boston a little more exhausted and eager to get back on a routine for all. 

We arrived back to Boston the first week in September and it was full steam ahead, fall mode! Asana Charlestown opened up just one day after we got home and with that I welcomed a brand new teaching schedule that included FIVE new classes a week at Asana.

The studio is stunning and I've been having a blast teaching classes, meeting so many new students AND getting to workout with all of my favorite instructors! 

Oh and I'm not the only one getting my workout on lately. Baby Boomer has enjoyed starting two news activities this fall. We've been taking Toddler Yoga at Asana every Wednesday for the past 6 weeks. Hands down it's one of my favorites classes we've ever done. The instructor Dawn Keighley is patient, sweet, creative and completely magical with the children. I could never do what she does. If you want to hear more let me know and I'll do a separate blog post on everything both Baby Boomer and I have learned from this class. 

And we're doing soccer! Quite the opposite of our zen yoga class, Soccer Superstars is what I like to call organized chaos, but it's sure fun to lace up our Nikes and kick some balls around on Friday mornings. 

Speaking of Nike... If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was recently in NYC for a Train The Trainer trip with Nike!! For two whole days Nike had us on the edge of our seats - learning, growing and sweating our way through the city. To say I left my comfort zone behind is an understatement. The forum inspired and re- motivated me to bring even more passion, innovation and energy to all of my students and classes. Are you interested in hearing more? Comment below and let me know and I'll do a whole post dedicated to this trip! 

Yes, this is me running. Can you believe it?

Yes, this is me running. Can you believe it?

So this fall I'm teaching a total of eight weekly group classes plus a free Nike Training Club workout on alternating weeks. (Free NTC class is held every Monday at the Nike Store but trainers take turns leading the class.) I've got a bunch of amazing in-home clients I'm training privately and I'm planning a super fun Thanksgiving day workout for those of you who will be in town. In general when I'm not teaching, I'm home every day with Grayson (minus one day a week when I have a fabulous babysitter) and when we're not in soccer or yoga class you can find us at the playgrounds, hanging with our friends (I think Baby Boomer has more friends than I do) or in the aisles of Whole Foods.

Currently just this week I've been practicing taking Grayson and our Siberian Husky Noelle on walks together without using a stroller. Sounds boring? Well, this requires my toddler to walk and LISTEN to his mamma without being strapped into safety. It's kind of scary because he typically has a meltdown when I try to hold his hand, let alone pick him up. I hold his hand oh you know, when he tries to run into oncoming traffic, every 2 minutes...  And you guys wonder why I'm fit? I end up carrying a 25 lb kid in one arm (who's flailing all over the place) and control a 70lb dog in the other. The walks take 4x the amount of time as we stop to look at every leaf, crack, pebble and piece of dirt along the way. So why are we even attempting this? Because I'm crazy? No, we're practicing for when the snow comes and this becomes routine. And if it doesn't work we'll be in the market for a dog walker and at least I can tell my husband I tried. 

Having a toddler makes me appreciate all of my students who actually listen and do what I say in classes. HA! 

That's all for now! I'd love to know if you're interested in hearing about my Nike experience? Or want to learn more about what in the world we do during a toddler yoga class? None of these things but have your own ideas? Let me know in the comments below! Feels so good to sit down and write. Thank you for reading.