One Small hug

A few days ago I was having a really bad day.  The mail came and a few early Christmas gifts arrived and I realized I had no where to store them. No spare nook or corner to hide a few small children's toys. This led to me trying to clean out a corner of my closet to make room, which in turn made me more irate because I didn't want to throw anything away- yet we had no space. Our bedroom closet is the size of most people's coat closets. Ugh "I hate our house. It's too small. We need to move," I whined to my husband. He's heard this a thousand times before and he responds, "Be grateful for what we have. Our life isn't so bad." Exasperated, I laid down in the middle of our living room floor. Just then my son came running at me in full force. "Maaaammmma!" Those words instantly lighten my heart. And for the first time in his little life he gave me an unprompted, genuine, deep hug. His tiny arms squeezed me tight and my heart burst into a billion small pieces. Even though his arms are so little it was the biggest and best hug I've ever experienced. This moment I will never forget. The warmth. His love. That's all that matters.

Yes, my dear husband you are correct. Our life isn't so bad. It's actually quite perfect. 

How easy is it to get wrapped up in all of the little things? These little things seem so big until one small moment, experience or person (or hug) bursts our bubbles and brings us back to earth. 

This Thanksgiving I'm taking the time to really think about what I'm thankful for. I'm not talking about a generic post on Facebook. I'm digging deep and thinking about where I am in my life, the abundance I have and how I can keep a clearer focus on the bigger picture. I also want to tell some people some things that they should hear this holiday season.

Dear husband, You listen to my dreams, my frustrations and my hopes with a constant deep understanding and love. You are so happy with how things are and I love that about you. You don't need a 6 bedroom house with a garage, backyard, walk in closet and all white kitchen and dining room to make you happy. You make it clear that all you need is your crazy dog, little son and me in our treehouse home to be okay and full. And while we may want these "things" we don't need them. Oh, and every single night you not only cook me dinner, but you ask for my requests. How amazing you are. I am fortunate. I am grateful for you.

Dear son, You are everything. I can say nothing else. You have my heart. I am thankful for every little, squish-able inch of you.

Dear dog, You drive me crazy. But you complete our family. Even though I've ignored you since my baby boy arrived it doesn't mean I don't love you. Ok, I don't love how you shed. It's not convienent for my all black wardrobe. And even though you need one million miles of exercise to relax, I guess I can even relate to you. I am grateful for you.

Dear mom and dad, It hasn't been an easy year. Dad, I've watched you lose your own dad and mom, I saw you clean out and sell my Gram's house- the house you were born in. Both of you taking care of my grandmas who need you more than ever. I admire you. I respect you. I love you. I am thankful for you showing me that love is sometimes really, really hard work but you do it for your family, no matter what. I am thankful for you.

Dear my mom friends, As I'm writing this I'm laughing. the phrase 'mom friends' sounds so silly. Even though we met because we were all new moms, you've definitely all graduated to good old regular friends! You ladies keep me going. I can share every nitty gritty detail of my day with you and you listen and can relate. We seem to be going through early motherhood together. You help my son when he tumbles. You share snacks, laughs, pictures and adventures. I would be one lonely girl if it wasn't for you. You are all a huge reason why I can make this stay at home mom job work. I am grateful for you. 

Dear students, You come to my classes. You laugh at my jokes, endure my workouts and keep coming back for more. Do you realize that I don't just love fitness and Pilates? I love all of you. You give me confidence to be better. I know you are watching me and it motivates me in so many ways, even outside of the fitness realm. Believe me, I take notice when you come to class. I do see when you make progress and it makes me feel so happy. My "job" is what it is, (fun, exciting, fulfilling) because you allow me to be a part of your mornings, nights and weekends. By showing up you are saying you trust me. That is a huge thing. I am thankful for you. 

There are even more people I want to thank but I'm moving onto hand written notes next. 

So if you take anything from this post it's this... Go give someone a big genuine and unexpected hug this Thanksgiving. You can never know how much someone needs it and tis the season to give out some love and sit back and reflect. Thank you for reading!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!