"Follow Friday" Series on Instagram

How many of you are guilty of lying in bed and aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed? I know I am! But instead of just random meal pictures and quote photos, what if you filled your follow base with people who inspire you? I'm talking about images you see that call you to action. People you not only can relate to, but maybe ones you aspire to be like. Why not use social media for a bigger platform to keep us on our toes and feeling empowered and excited? 

Follow Fridays... I've seen a lot of people do this on Instagram and Twitter and I've really grown to love it. Which is why for the next few weeks I'm going to run my very own "Follow Friday" campaign on Instagram. For the next few Fridays you can tune in to see some of my favorite accounts which I will feature on my page. The idea is that you will go check them out and hopefully follow for motivation too. These will be people I follow for a variety of reasons.  They are not only in the fitness world, but women I admire and always seeing what they are up to. I was not paid to promote these people. They are real accounts that I actually look at on a daily basis and I want to share with you in hopes that you will meet some super cool new folks and find some new daily inspiration in your lives. 

I hope you'll check out this week's feature as I'm highlighting a woman who even though we've never met before, I feel like we would be best friends if we lived in the same city. She's also a Pilates professional, Mom and all around inspiring gal who shares tons of healthy tips and advice. 

Do you have accounts you follow that you want me to check out? Feel free to leave a comment below or on my Instagram page. I'd love to see who you guys are following. Let's spread the love!  

Oh and I'm JPPilates1 on Instagram.

No there isn't another JPPilates - I just created an account a long time ago, forgot the password, got lazy and created a new account. Years later, here I am. JPPilates1 :)