I Survived My First... Barry's Bootcamp!

Last week I got a text message from Christina and Jessica (my fellow Boston Nike Trainer gals) asking me what I was doing on Saturday at 11am. A few minutes later I was roped in. I had agreed to take my first Barry's Bootcamp class, taught by Christina, alongside Jessica.

I had a few excuses in my head as to why it wouldn't work (1. I hate running 2. I teach until 10:45am and might be late. 3. I was terrified.) I decided that fear was a lame excuse and knew I had to just do it. (Pun intended.) 

Guess what? I LOVED IT!! 

Top 5 Things I Loved:

1. The lighting and music. Low, dim lights and blasting music are my kind of thing. Very motivating and high, high energy.

2. Speaking of those lights. What the heck is up with the red lighting making your skin look so perfect? I couldn't stop staring at myself.

3. Mirrors. I was able to notice how good I looked (haha) because the room was lined with mirrors. This was also very motivating for me. I could watch my form, see the instructor and follow along with others. The best part was the mirror over the treadmill. I guess one thing I learned is that I like looking at myself while working out? 

4. The intervals. We never spent too much time doing one thing. Just when I started to get really tired, we switched things up. This specifically helped me during the treadmill sections. I knew I wouldn't be on there for more than 12 minutes and that really helped me get through the sprints and pacing. 

5. Obviously I loved the company. Christina Lodde, who taught the class, is so gifted. She kept us going with clarity and easy. She's a wonderful motivator. You feel like you don't want to let her down. And working out alongside a fellow trainer and superstar- Jessica Latshaw definitely made me push myself and have someone to laugh (in pain) with.

The class is split into floor and treadmill. Participants go back and forth. I loved the floor work. I used lighter weights than most everyone in the class, but I kept up just fine and enjoyed the variety in exercises. I felt like I dominated the core exercises :)

The treadmill sections were much harder for me. But that's because I rarely run. Thank goodness for the sprints (can't believe I just said that). The variety of speeds made the time go by faster. At one point I started to feel really winded but I focused on taking deeper breathes which seemed to help. I also had to remind myself that I was a newbie. There was no way I was even close to the speeds of the other people in the room, but I just did my best and I think that's all that matters. 

Overall, I didn't fall off the treadmill (which was one of my fears) and I not only survived the class but I felt incredible during AND afterwards. 

I will absolutely be back and would love to make it a regular part of my routine. I think that it compliments Pilates and yoga tremendously. Switching things up is so important.

A huge thanks to my Nike girls Christina and Jessica. If it wasn't for you guys I absolutely would not have tried Barry's Bootcamp anytime soon. Just goes to show that when you surround yourself with motivating people great things can happen. 

So, have you guys tried Barry's? What do you think? Who's class should I take next? And who wants to come join me and be my workout buddy? Leave a comment below.