New Year, New Classes

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We spent Christmas in New York with my family and enjoyed an oddly warm holiday filled with lot of love and laughs. Things are so different now and even more fun with a little one around. Christmas Eve was spent putting together Baby Boomer's first 'choo choo' set. By putting together I mean I directed my husband and brother on my vision and vetoed their first two attempts. Ho Ho Ho. Or in their opinion, bah humbug! 

It was all worth it when the little guy saw the train set and 2 days later is still was obsessed with it. He's barely slept and no one has to even watch him because he's glued to the tracks. Best. Present. Ever. 

We're heading back to Boston today and I'm so, so excited for 2016. So far I've got three new workout announcements to share!

1. For the first time ever, I'm teaching a NEW YEARS DAY class at North End Yoga!!! I've always wanted to do this and it's finally happening. There's just something about starting the new year off with you guys, sweating out the past year and welcoming in 2016 feeling motivated, strong and confident. I hope you'll consider joining me from 10:30-11:30am on January 1st for a speciality class named Pilates Sweat. Think Pilates Fusion mixed with great music and a mediative relaxation to end the workout. Pre- register online. Cost is $25. Grab a friend and come together and then go out for a healthy brunch! It's the perfect option to kick off the year. 

2.  NEW WEEKLY CLASS ALERT! Starting January 7th I will be teaching a weekly Pilates Barre class at North End Yoga! Oh how I've missed teaching this class at the studio. Now you can find me every Thursday from 6:15 - 7:00pm at NEY in the newly renovated barre studio!! Get excited! If you haven't seen the new room yet you are in for a surprise. I was involved with the planning and it's absolutely wonderful! Plus... we now have barre socks at NEY! Woo hoo! 

3. Last but not least I've teamed up with the talented Ali Baldassare to create a FUN, innovative and challenging new workshop for you AND a friend! On Sunday, February 21st, Ali and I will host "Besties Bootcamp" at North End Yoga! Bring your best friend to class and together you will push each other to a new fitness level, like only friends can do. Class will be a mix of high energy cardio, creative core mat challenges and of course, partner work! Class will be from 12:00 - 1:15pm and cost is $25 per person. Pre-registration is now open online. 

Now who's excited for 2016? Heading into this week I've got big plans to write a 2015 year in review recap AND finally share that insider Nike post I've meaning to take care of. I also want to blog my fitness class bucket list for the new year. We're heading into my birthday week and I also feel extra pressure to cross things off the list as 12/31 not only marks the last day of the year but it's the first day of a new year for me! So, if you weren't planning to come to my 1/1 class you should re-consider because it's also a mini-bday celebration for me. 

What do you hope to see more of in 2016? Have you started making your new years plans yet? Can't wait to hear!