I'm proud to be a New England Hydration Specialist for Essentia. When I drink Essentia I feel good. And when you feel good it's easier to make healthier life choices. Essentia give me the energy I need to balance motherhood and my fitness career! 

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen my posts endorsing Essentia Water. Maybe you've wondered why this water is so special? Or what exactly I'm doing with the company? Well today I'm going to spill the beans and share with you. 

Just a few months after my son was born I was contacted by Essentia. They were looking for local influencers and wellness experts to sample their product and potentially help spread word about Essentia's benefits. We arranged a meeting and they were sweet enough to come all the way over to Charlestown to meet with me. It was tough for me to break away from my 4 month old baby at the time and they accommodated me completely. Just this small gesture says a lot about the sincerity of this company. 

During the meeting I learned more about Essentia and why it is different than other waters on the market. Essentia is an electrolyte- enhanced water with an alkaline 9.5 pH. Most bottled waters offer purity but no additional benefits. The electrolytes in Essentia are important because they facilitate communication in and between your body's cells and help maintain normal blood pressure, sleep, concentration, muscle strength, intestinal function and more, Essentia's high pH creates an alkaline hydrating water that supports optimal health and performance. Studies have shown that Essentia is absorbed more rapidly than normal water. 

Essentia supplied me with a few weeks supply of water and challenged me to drink only their product as my water source until it was all gone. I did. And I swear to you that I noticed a major difference in how I felt and how my body was working. Right off the bat I noticed that Essentia tastes different than other waters. It's silky smooth. I know what you're thinking... It's water, how different can it taste? Try it. You'll see. After just a few days of exclusively drinking Essentia I received multiple compliments on my skin. I too noticed my skin looked brighter. And lastly as a nursing mom hydration was extremely important to me in order to keep my milk supply up. I was already drinking a lot of water but I noticed I was producing more milk when drinking Essentia. Obviously the results vary from individual to individual but I was sold. And I have been ever since! 

Oh and you might recognize my fellow New England Hydration Specialists. Sarah Dussault, Cara Gilman and Lauren Mayer. These ladies all rock in their respective fields and it's been a blast getting to collaborate with them for Essentia. Together we'll be spreading awarness of Essentia and holding events around Boston. We held our first free event together on March 14 at Brookyln Boulders in Somerville. Over 200 of you signed up to join us for Hydrate, Balance and Restore. We did bootcamp with Sarah, a nutrition talk with Lauren, yoga with Cara and of course Pilates with me.  More photos from the event are below, all taken by the talented Lucie Wicker

Who's excited for our next event? Leave a comment and let me know what kind of future Essentia events you'd like to attend. Are you a current Essentia water drinker/fan. Let me know in the comments below!