It's A Wrap

Well, I did it! Another photo shoot for the record books has been completed! But before I dive into details on how everything went I have to say THANK YOU to all of YOU. I've gotten so many comments and sweet emails in response to my last blog, 'Am I Photo Shoot Ready." You are all so supportive and encouraging. You probably don't realize how much your comments actually mean, but I want you to know they mean a lot! When you put yourself out there on social media you never really know if people are looking at your posts and reading what you spend your time writing. When people take a few minutes to 'like' a photo or leave a comment it makes the work worth it. Those comments motivate me. They tell me what you like and what you want more of. They tell me to keep doing what I'm doing. So please, keep talking to me!

Now onto the good stuff. Dare I say it? This may have been my favorite photo shoot yet! 

I started my day with a green juice and my version of a 'last chance workout.' I wanted to work and warm up my muscles so I took Core Fusion Barre at Exhale's Battery Wharf studio. Huge thanks to Caitlin Milbury for a kick butt class. I asked her for extra ab work and she delivered. She literally kneeled behind me for all of c-curve and pushed me until I was dripping sweat. I left class feeling ready to rip off my shirt and rock just my sports bra! Whoop Whoop! 

About three hours before our start time my photo shoot guardian angel, Keely Witkowski arrived to my house to start my hair, makeup and wardrobe selection. Keely is the owner of B.Fetching and the creative genius behind practically all of my most epic photos and signature looks. More than just a stylist, Keely has worked with me since day one of my brand (she's one of the reasons the brand is what it is) and I can't imagine a photo shoot without her. She puts together my looks and on set she helps scout locations, directs my poses, makes on set wardrobe adjustments and motivates me from the sidelines. She also does things like hold up a bed sheet around my waist while I get naked and change clothes in the middle of the city and lint rolls my booty. Not sure if she does that for everyone or just me because we're good friends? 

For this shoot Keely did my hair, which was no simple feat. We tried to model it after a cool ponytail image we saw on Pinterest and she totally nailed it. I did my own makeup. I love using the brand Make Up Forever for photoshoots. It's my go to for clean looks on camera. Since I had gotten an incredible spray tan from my favorite salon ever [Natural Glow - seriously they are the absolute BEST] we decided on a more simple palette for makeup. We focused on a nude based eyeshadow with thick liquid eyeliner and false lashes. I felt not too heavily made up and fierce.

Around 5pm we meet Lucie in the Seaport. For those of you who don't know Lucie Wicker, she is one of the best photographers in Boston. Lucie has shot all of the professional photos that you see on my social media and website. She's one of the 'go to' photographers for fitness and wellness in the Boston area. I've been working with her and Keely for over 6 years now so anytime the three of us team up it's a sure bet we're going to have fun and produce some awesome work. 

For this project we wanted to focus on feminine strength and athleticism. Our scenery was very urban, almost grunge. I wanted the photos to portray confidence and a bolder, louder side of fitness. A little different than past images we've produced. A new side I've been feeling more in touch with lately. 

                                                            Behind the scenes

                                                            Behind the scenes

I hung from beams, climbed walls, sat on walls, planked from walls and pulled myself up on multiple structures in alley ways, literally next to dumpsters. It was not glamorous. It felt raw and most importantly I felt strong and sexy. 

Our final spot of the shoot produced what I think might have been the best photo of the day. It involved me lying on sharp gravel on my bare back, on a median in the middle of Summer Street with cars whipping past us. Here's the behind the scenes capture in addition to the edited photo from Lucie. 

Theres so much this photo depicts personally to me. When I look at it I feel like it captures exactly where I am in my life. One beautiful, serene moment of calm in the middle of a fast paced, bright and whirling life. I've never been more at peace with my family, my career and my inner self than I am right now. I am in love with everything this image says. 

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.
— unknown

And with that it was a wrap. I went home and enjoyed a slice of pizza. Since I'm so at peace with things I can indulge for one night, right? 

I can't wait to share more of the images with you very soon. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. 

Are you excited to see more pictures? What's the strangest place you've ever had your photo taken? I'd love to know. 


Photography: Lucie Wicker Photography

Styling + Creative Direction: Keely Witkowski, B.Fetching

Attire: Nike Women

Hair & Makeup: Keely Witkowski

Spray Tan: Natural Glow