My Take On Balance

Recently the local company Cool Gear asked me to be a guest writer on their new blog. The topic they were looking for was on being a 'leading lady." They wanted to hear my thoughts on the modern woman and how she manages a work/life balance, pursuing goals and what happens when life gets a little messy.

I didn't have a clear direction when I sat down to write. I'm far from a "leading lady" most days so I wasn't sure how to approach this topic. When my fingers hit the keyboard the words came pouring out. I guess I had a lot to say and I'm so happy that Cool Gear encouraged me to share my words! 

Everything felt like a race against the clock. I was making silly mistakes. I wasn’t excelling. I wasn’t myself. At some point along the way I realized I was missing one key ingredient in my new motherhood puzzle. Balance. It was when I stopped trying to do it all that I actually started to thrive.
— Jenn

To read my full guest post head over to the Cool Gear blog.

Please leave a comment here and let me know what you think. How do you find balance in your own life? How would you describe modern women in todays world? Do you think of yourself as a leading lady?