Day In My Life

I've been feeling really guilty about not blogging more often. Every day I think to myself, "I should blog about this," but I never do. Then I started thinking about why it is that even though I have so much I want to write about, I just can't seem to make it happen. And that's where this post was born. I decided to chronicle a day in my life. After typing it all up I think I'm understanding why my posts are so scarce.  

6:15AM: Wake up call. I hear over the monitor G is awake. Ugh. It's so early, maybe he'll play quietly for 10 more minutes. MAMMMA. DADDDA. BALL. After hearing these three words screamed on repeat for 5 minutes I give in and get up. 

6:30 - 7:15AM: Get G changed and we play ball, read 6 books, dump out a few baskets of toys and open and close the refrigerator door a couple of times while I make some coffee. Ryan gets up and in the shower while G tries to break into the bathroom to play to him. He asks (by that I mean, screams loudly) "Where's Dadda?" and I tell him "He's in the bathroom." over and over again until poor Ryan comes out from his "peaceful" shower.

7:30AM: Time for breakfast. I'm feeling lazy and just prepare G some blueberry waffles, warm apples with cinnamon and blueberries. He's only interested in eating the apples. Meanwhile Ryan comes into the kitchen and helps out while I brush my teeth and wash my face. When I return I find that G is now housing rice and seaweed. The boys in my house are so weird. 


7:50AM: Bye bye Dadda! Time to get us both dressed, snacks packed, toys picked up and speed out the door.

8:30AM: We're outside and meet our friends to walk from Charlestown to the North End for a swim class

9:00AM: Swim lesson at the Mirabella North End Pool. Brr. The water is pretty cold. G is distracted by the boats. We practice our kicking, blowing bubbles and jumping into the pool. After the lesson we have a little snack on the pool deck before walking back over the bridge home. Pit stop for some iced coffee and then I race up the hill to get back before G falls asleep in the stroller. (Trust me, if he falls asleep it's not a good thing. When that happens nap time is ruined which throws off the whole day and... we just won't get into that.)

11:00AM: Grayson is sound asleep in his crib. SUCCESS. This is my halfway marker through the day. It's usually at this point that I just want to sit down and relax for a minute but I always feel frantic to "get things done." I walk by the bedroom and see our dog sleeping on our bed..

Hmm tempting to just join her. But G's nap time is the only time I have during the day to get anything accomplished. I take a shower, make the bed, tidy up the living room and sit down to go through emails. I never know how long G is going to sleep so I often find myself rushing to get through things. Today is a good day because by 12:30 I make a mental prediction that he's going to take a long nap. And he does! Yay! I get a lot of administrative work done (scheduling clients, class prep, etc) and even make myself a little snack (egg over spinach with avocado) by 1:30 I hear my little guy waking up. 

1:45PM: G is up and a little cranky after nap. We play with the drums and make some music and he's perked right up.

I prepare him lunch which is peas, pineapple and toast with turkey, cheese and avocado. G organizes his designated kitchen drawer while I make lunch. I tell him, "I'm making you a yummy lunch. Are you going to eat it?" He says, "No." Ok, cool. 

Well he warned me. He eats all of the pineapple and most of the peas. I eat his toast. People always ask me what I eat in a typical day. The meals I post on Instagram are always only dinner. That's because my husband does the cooking for himself and I. During the day I usually eat G's scraps. Which turns out to be a lot because he's a picky eater. Lucky for me I enjoy eating like a squirrel. 

2:30PM: Time to walk the dog. G was in the stroller a lot this morning so I decide to take him out in his car. I love pushing him in his car minus the process of getting everyone out the door. Our apt. is at the top of a big flight of stairs. G can't go down them on his own yet so I have to carry him, the car and manage my 70lb dog. Today a dog walker was coming into the building at the same time. Of course I don't have enough hands to manage Noelle so she jumps all over the person. I just sigh. Opps, sorry! 


We make it outside and take Noelle for a 45 min walk. G collects leaves and points to the cars and buses as we go along. I try to keep our pace brisk and purposely go up the steepest hill at the end of the walk to squeeze in a little extra leg workout. Hills in Charlestown are no joke. 

3:45PM: We stay inside only long enough to drop the dog off and gather our stuff before heading over to the playground to meet some of our other friends. Today is a one playground kind of day (yes we often go twice a day) so G has a blast running around, climbing, playing ball and swinging while I enjoy the company of my neighborhood Mom friends. 

5:00PM: Leave the park and head over to Whole Foods on our way home. A day isn't complete without a trip to Whole Foods. We probably go once a day. I get a green juice (because I have a photo shoot Sunday!!) and I buy more blueberries. It's an emergency in our house if we run out of them.

5:20PM: Once home G has some quiet time playing while I prepare his dinner. I can't see his room from the kitchen but I can always hear him. All I hear is silence. CRAP. I run over to the door. No joke, I find him like this.

Well, there's always a first time for everything. I'll mark down today in his baby journal "1st time I found G sitting by himself in a toy box." Ok, who am I kidding, I haven't updated his journal in months. Ugh. 


5:45PM: Dinner is served! Tonight we have G's favorite. Tofu and avocado with soy sauce to dip. We are very into dipping right now. He also has a side of Annie's Mac and Cheese with leftover peas from lunch. Hey guys, sorry I'm no Chef Boomer. G picks out the peas and eats those first. Then he eats a good amount of tofu and avocado before moving on to watermelon for dessert.  

6:00PM: G is still eating (and sharing food with the dog) and I stop to put my head on my hands and rest on the counter for a second. It hits me. I'm kind of exhausted. Wednesday nights are usually my much needed week night off from teaching. But not tonight. I'm teaching a special event at Equinox at 7:30pm. I wish I wasn't so tired. I text my neighbor and bribe her to come to class with me by telling her we can Uber it to the gym. Then I make a cup of coffee. I know, I know.. probably not the healthiest, but I needed it.

6:15PM: Dadda is home. Hooray!!!! Luckily he takes over for bath and bed time. I lay down on the bed and close my eyes for 10 minutes. Worst idea ever. But not to worry. G comes barging in, escaped naked before his bath. Ok, I'm UP. I get dressed, kiss G goodnight and pump myself up to head over to Equinox.

7:30PM: Showtime. As soon as I get to the club I'm ready to go and in my element. It's hard not to be energized when you work with awesome people. And no one is more high energy than Lauren Hefez and Ali Baldassare, the two lovely ladies I'm co-teaching with.

As part of this class we do the workout with the students, so I sweated my way through a barre and dance segment with a room of 70+ ladies! 

8:30PM: Class is over. I'm drenched. Ali, Lauren and I decide we need to take a creative pic together. I mentioned how I always wanted to do this double plank, stand on each other thing. Next thing you know Ali and I are trying it with Lauren high kicking behind us. We're dying laughing at each other's commentary, "Do you feel that? Can you go deeper. Ohhhh this is gooooood." So inappropriate. So hilarious. So much fun. This is what you call job love! 

8:45 - 9:15 PM: I walk home from downtown Boston to Charlestown with my amazing neighbor friend. It was a beautiful night so it was great to catch up with her and enjoy the perfect evening.

9:30PM: Oh hey, Ryan. It's the first time all day that I sit down, relax and talk to my husband. 

10:30PM: I'm showered and ready for bed. I think about writing this blog about my day. But I'm so exhausted. I go to bed and commit myself to writing it all out the next day during G's nap....

AND I DID!!! So what do you guys think? Is this what you thought a 'typical' day was like for me? To be honest, no two days are the same, so this is just a select random Wednesday. Let me know, what's your favorite part of my day in the comments below. How do your own days compare?