Insider Barre Buzz from North End Yoga

Have you guys in Boston heard the news? There's been a LOT going on behind the scenes at North End Yoga and I'm so excited that everything is ready to share with you. 

North End Yoga recently re-opened their brand new barre room - Studio 68! Isn't it lovely?

Studio 68 is a beautiful space set for 15 students in a serene and carefully crafted environment. My favorite part of this room is it's vibe. Calm and intimate, it's the perfect place to recieve one on one attention from your instructors. The owners of the studio, Alicia and Alessandra did most of the handy work themselves, with the help of their families, so literally every inch was touched with care and love. That's what makes this studio so special.

Now that the studio is up and running, classes are underway and more will be added. I need to get myself on the schedule for a barre class. What day and time would you request? In the meantime, I'm excited to share that I will be hosting a Barre Bootcamp class on Saturday, April 9th from 12:00 - 1:15pm. Space is limited ,so please pre-register asap. Click here to sign up

As many of you know, I've been teaching at NEY for well over 8 years now! North End Yoga was the first private studio in Boston that I taught for and through the years one thing has always remained the same. The students, the space, the staff, the owners make this place feel just like home. I'm so lucky to have made such wonderful friends with everyone involved in this community. The instructors are people I've now worked with for years and we are a close knit team.

And guess what. NOW is your chance to join our team!!! We are holding open Pilates and Barre auditions on Sunday, May 1st at 2pm. I will be helping to lead the auditions. If you're a local instructor who wants to be a part of an incredible community, I hope you'll consider coming to this audition. I personally can attest to everything this studio has done for me and now it's time to spread the love. You need two years of prior teaching experience and a passion for what you do. Please email me at if you are interested in applying to audition. 

So, are you asking yourself why I have all of this info? Well, it's because I'm actually the Pilates and Barre Director at North End Yoga. I started this position officially last fall, but I just realized as I was doing this post that I never really made a public announcement about it. Well, here it is!!! I'm honored to work so closely with North End Yoga not only as a teacher, but in this role as well. Get excited. I've got lots of things up my sleeve for this special studio I adore so much. 

Oh and don't you just love all the new studio photos? We recently did an incredible photo shoot with the talented Lucie Wicker Photography. Didn't they come out amazing? 

Well, that's all the insider scoop for now. Head over to NEY to check out the new Studio 68. While you're at it, make sure you come to my Thursday Pilates Fusion class. (We've moved the time permanently to 6:15pm. Yay for earlier bedtimes. Ha.) And if you know of any superstar instructors that you want to be teaching at North End Yoga, send them my way! Can't wait to hear your feedback on everything! Thanks for reading.