Maternity Leave Announcement

The time has arrived to share my plans for maternity leave with you all. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to my classes and clients for a little while but I'm so excited to welcome my second baby boy into this world. The weeks have truly flown by and I only have 5 more weeks to go before he arrives 

Here is the list of my group classes with my last day dates. 

Mondays: 6:30pm Pilates Fusion at Equinox Franklin - Last class is August 9

Thursdays: 10:30am Mom & Baby Barre Fusion at Asana - Last class is August 11

Thursdays: 12pm Barre Fusion at Asana - Last class is August 11

Thursdays: 6:15pm Pilates Fusion at North End Yoga- Last class is August 18

Saturdays: 8:15am Pilates at Asana- Last class is August 14

Saturdays: 10am Pilates Flow at Equinox Franklin - Last class is August 14

** My classes will be replaced/subbed out with new instructors at the discretion of each gym/studio manager. I don't have info for all of my locations yet, so please stay tuned and feel free to contact locations on your own if you have specific questions.** 

During my previous maternity leave I promised (for the most part) to eventually return to all my regularly scheduled classes. This time will be different. I know my personal life is going to change drastically as I become a mother to TWO little boys. I think it's important to embrace this special time in my life as fully as possible. I'm grateful for all of the opportunities I have but I also want to cherish as much time as possible with my family. 

I'm planning to return to teaching in early 2017 with a brand new schedule that reflects where I'm at in my personal and professional journey. What that is exactly, I don't yet know. But you will see me doing new classes and new events. Until then I will be lying low, probably not sleeping and taking in every single moment with my boys. 

I've had to remind myself many times that I'm allowed to change. It's never easy. Some people won't be happy or follow along, and that's okay. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new. I'm looking forward to saying yes to new adventures and taking things one day at a time. 

As always I want to make sure all my clients and students know how GRATEFUL I am for you and how much I love each and every one of you. THANK YOU for always being there for me and loyally following along on the twists and turns of my fitness path. I can't wait to see what is in store for ALL of us coming up! 

In the meantime, I still have a few more weeks of classes left so please come join me! Let's keep sweating it out together and I'd love a good bye and good luck hug from you all!