Yes I'm Still Pregnant

This past Saturday I jinxed myself. I posted a photo on Instagram claiming it was most likely our final photo as a family of three. Now I'm probably going to be pregnant forever...

Help you guys... I've turned into one of those woman who complain about how they NEED to be done being pregnant, even thought my due date is still a few days away. And it's all my fault. Things are just too easy right now. My mom arrived in town a week earlier than scheduled because I was calling her with meltdowns that I needed help. As soon as she got here I stopped teaching and turned into a crazy preggo girl. Mom has woken up at 6:40am with Grayson every day while I get to sleep in. She takes Grayson to play while I do very, very necessary tasks like flower arranging, sock organizing and (still) nagging my husband to mount our TV. (Are you starting to feel sorry for me. Didn't think so...) I'm busy having temper tantrums about how it's important we re-arrange our living room while my toddler whines that he doesn't want to eat his meals, clean up his toys, stop jumping on the couch or go to the bathroom. In short you probably don't want to stop by to say hi. Unless you want to mount my TV. 

In all seriousness clearly I'm a hormonal mess. I'm not very good at waiting. I wish I was still teaching classes and seeing clients. I'm eager for something to focus on other than steam cleaning the floors. I know I should be appreciative of these last days before life as I know it changes, but gosh darn it, it's pretty tough. I feel gigantic, uncomfortable and moody. 

I make my 2.5 year old help me push the stroller up the hills with me. Is that considered child abuse? Whatever. I call it exercise.

Oh and if you see me on the street. Please don't tell me how big I look or that I'm ready to pop. Don't tell me to keep walking because it will get the baby out. Don't mention how tired I look (like my toddler told me at dinner last night). Don't say it will be any day now or that the baby will come when he is ready. Don't stare at the sweaty mess I am (it's not fair we've had the hottest weather ever lately). Just smile and say, "Hi! Would you like me to come over and mount your TV?" 

Two days away from my due date! 

Two days away from my due date! 

Whew, I feel better. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!! Now I'm off to go walk this baby out. Hey, I can say it... just not random strangers please ;) See ya when I'm a Mama of TWO!