Thoughts On Instructor Training

When I think about my own training as an instructor do I have any regrets?

Yes, I do.

I regret that I didn’t take advantage of what was lying at my fingertips. My access to an incredible studio and veteran teachers was so accessible, it was easy to train anytime I wanted. So I became complacent. I figured the workshops and the classes would always be there. I thought I could do more of them when I had more extra money, or when I had more time. But then as it often does, time moved on rather quickly and all of a sudden what once was so available wasn’t anymore. Now many years later, nothing quite compares. I wish I had worried less about the money and made the time. I wish I had put my nerves and worries aside and done more. Because now, time and resources are even more scarce. I’ve realized nothing, even the GREAT things, will last forever. When you see an opportunity, you have to go for it. Or you just may lose your chance.

I became Pilates certified when I was a sophomore in college at Northeastern University. I scrounged up the money from teaching a year of aerobics and funk classes on the side at school to do my first Power Pilates training. It was because of this training that I ultimately began to realize my heart (and body) was meant for Pilates. I was terrified the entire duration of the weekend course. I was the youngest person in the room and very out of my comfort zone. But nestled inside a gorgeous studio on Newbury Street I started to put the pieces together. I was excited to bring the overload of information that was sealed into my body and brain back to school. I was able to get right to work, practicing on the NEU crowds. Little did I know it was only the beginning. I don’t remember much about who else was in that training with me other than the fact that I felt intimidated the entire time. What I do remember is how in awe I was of the teacher trainer.

Kathy Van Patten was the owner of The Movement Center in Boston and a Master Power Pilates Teacher Trainer. She was truly a “teacher of teachers.” I still remember being in awe of how she almost floated around the room, adjusting every student. With just her presence nearby, you worked more intelligently. She taught me many things in the trainings and workshops I attended. But what I now know is I should have done more. I should have not have taken it for granted. I had a legend right around the corner from where I lived. Kathy ended up moving to the west coast before I graduated from college. Her departure left a giant hole in the Boston Pilates scene. I’ve been lucky to work with many amazing people since but there was something about Kathy that I haven’t seen replicated. Her twinkle of grace, power and presence is what I try to embody now in my own career.


And now fifteen (!) years later, I am teaching teachers. I do not take this honor lightly. In just a few weeks I am embarking on my 4th teacher training, with my good friend Meagan Fitzgerald. The NEY Barre Teacher Training is a culmination of what we believe is the perfect catapult into the fitness world as it stands today. I firmly believe that the real work starts after the certification course is over. It’s only then that you can take all you’ve absorbed and start practicing. In fact, it's a lifetime of practice, because no wonderful teacher is ever done learning. The work never ends.

A lot of people have talked to me about our training. This round even more so than the others. The number one thing I’ve heard is, “I’m not ready yet, but I’ll definitely do it next time.

This is what got me thinking about my own career path. I was never ready. There has never been one time where I’ve thought, “That sounds easy, lets do it.” I’m usually anxious, nervous, scared, you name it.

I want to encourage you, whether you want to be an instructor or not, to stop waiting. Life is short. There is no guarantee there will be another training or another opportunity like the one you are eyeing. You will never feel ready to step into a new field. The unknown doesn’t lend itself to the weary. Dig deep and ask yourself. When will you be ready? When will you have more time? When will you have that extra cash? I’m willing to bet you don’t know the answer to those questions. Because life happens and all we know is the right here. This isn’t a plug to join our teacher training, it’s a nudge to stop doubting yourself.

BUT if you have been curious about spending the weekend with Meg and I then consider this your wake up call. Just do it. There’s no right person for our training. If you want to take a leap, find new motivation, learn the fundamentals of barre, grow new confidence, gain new mentors, make new friends and chase your dreams… well then, we’ll see you on May 3rd!


“I was so, so hesitate to sign up for the class last fall. I literally sat on the decision for weeks, chatting about it with my family and friends. I finally signed up, just to further explore my passion for fitness (and this burning desire to ‘teach one day.’) Knowing Meg and Jenn were running the training at least assured me I was walking into an ew space with two women I respect tremendously in the fitness world. The weekend by far surpassed my expectations and touched upon many aspects that made me feel ready to hop right into teaching immediately after. So that’s what I did and their connections and guidance helped push me to take that leap. I still have my full time job and teach one day a week. I would highly recommend this to anyone on the fence - no matter what you de with post certification, you won’t regret the experience.” - Lauren

“This training was the best thing! So much more than just technique, form and choreographed work. The confidence and community that Jenn and Meagan are able to instill in such a short time was incredible. Plus we had a lot of fun. Now I’m teaching 3 trampoline classes a week out of my home and at Fit Life Studios 2 times a week. Best training ever!” - Natalie

“I’m so grateful I found Jenn and Meagan and the NEY Barre Training. It was the first step I took to begin my journey as a full time fitness instructor. This training did not only teach me everything I needed to know about teaching a great barre class, but also gave me a community of other ladies passionate about the same thing. Jenn and Meagan have been there for me as mentors every step of the way. I left my full time job in advertising and became a full time instructor over a year ago and could not have done it with this.” - Kayleigh

“The NEY training with Jenn and Meagan was a life changing experience. Taking the leap to do something challenging and completely out of your comfort zone is so difficult but I don't regret doing it for a second. With no teaching experience prior to the Barre Teacher Training, I decided to take a risk and do it and see where I landed. Who knows, maybe I'd get a fun "side gig" out of it. Throughout the weekend, Jenn and Meg gave me a full toolkit of skills that has allowed me to successfully teach a barre classes for over a year. More importantly, this training gave me confidence to face my fears head on while allowing me to make some amazing friends. This may be one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had as an adult.” - Sara

“I wish I could do it again! One of the best weekends I've spent in Boston. As a newish Mom, taking a whole weekend to do something for me that actually made me use parts of my brain and body that I hadn't in a while was all that I needed and more. Jenn and Meg are just top notch and so easy to be around.” - Jenna

NEY Barre Teacher Training

Friday, May 3rd: 5:30-8:30pm

Saturday, May 4th: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Sunday, May 5th: 9:00am- 3:00pm

Friday, May 10: 6:00-8:30pm