A classically based mat class, embodying the method as it was intended to be practiced. This class engages your body’s powerhouse, or abdominals, to enhance your entire physical form while uniting your mind, breath and body.


Awarded  “Best Exercise Class in Boston” in 2010 by the Improper Bostonian Magazine. This popular class blends classical mat Pilates with Jennifer's energetic core sequencing and great music. Pilates Fusion is the heart of Jennifer's methodology. Sweaty and intense it has proven to deliver results to every level of dedicated client. 

Barre Fusion

Barre Fusion combines exercises at the barre with mat Pilates and core conditioning routines for a low impact yet powerful workout. Barre work uses your body weight for resistance and focuses on small isometric movements to challenge your muscles and change the shape of your body. Together with the principles of Pilates and a variety of core sculpting exercises, this class will help you achieve a sleeker, leaner and stronger physique. 

Mom and Baby Pilates Fusion


This JPPilates specialty class is designed for new Moms and their pre-mobile babies. Bring your baby with you for a 45 minute, total body workout that you both will enjoy. This Pilates based workout will focus on reconnecting to your core through safe and targeted exercises with your baby by your side. Particular emphasis will be geared towards proper form as you regain strength, endurance and confidence in your post- baby body. Enjoy a nourishing environment as all moms of every fitness level are welcomed. You'll leave class feeling connected to the community around you and filled with knowledge on how to include your new baby in your workouts so that you both bond, have fun and feel great.
Babies can be worn in a carrier for the first portion of class. They are also welcome to stay in a car seat, boppy or on a blanket or mat.

While there is no specific age limit it is highly suggested that your baby be pre-walking in order for the class to be effective for all.