What’s in Your Pilates Bag?

I’m always so intrigued by the contents of other people’s bags! I love to see what little secrets are stashed inside! So I polled some of you on Facebook asking what’s your one ‘must have item‘ in your gym bag. Turns out you are all so practical and oh so clean :) Hair ties, deodorant, facial cleansers and socks topped the list. Most interesting response- The Rocky Soundtrack- ha, talk about motivating tunes for your workout.

I suppose you probably want to see what’s inside my bag. I dumped my contents and realized I’m pretty normal too!

Inside Jenn’s Gym Multipurpose Run Around All Day Bag. Listed in order of absolute importance:

1. Chapstick – Alba Coconut Cream * I hate dry lips!

2. iPod/iPhone * I make most of my phone calls while walking to and from clients, I need my music for teaching classes and I can’t do a cardio workout with my iPod. I’ve actually left the gym and walked home to get it and then returned back to the gym

3. Earbuds * see above comment in regards to my workout

4. Equinox Pilates Tank Top * I always keep this in my bag so I don’t forget it

5. Papersource Daily Planner * I’m old fashioned and like to write down my schedule

6. Small notebook and pen (from Shake the Tree) * I’m always joting down notes, class ideas and thoughts throughout the day and I love the actual act of writing as opposed to typing into my iPhone

7. Business Cards in Ame & Lulu pouch (from Shake the Tree)

8. Clean Well All-Natural Sanitizer (Orange Vanilla scent) from Whole Foods

9. Nars Lip Gloss from Sephora *easy way to spruce up in between clients

10. Teeny Tiny bottle of Lollia Flowering Willow and Lotus cologne from Anthropologie

11. Blum Naturals Cleansing Facial Wipes from Whole Foods

12. Kid Cliff  Organic Z Bar * my favorite whole grain energy snack from Whole Foods

13. Pink Lululemon Headband

Missing from this list are my wallet and hot pink puppy poo pick up bags.

What’s in your gym bag? Please share!

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4 thoughts on “What’s in Your Pilates Bag?

  1. Hi Ame! Yes, I am! I love all Ame and Lulu products so I’m actually missing a lot of pieces :)

  2. Thanks Katherine!! I’m not surprised we have similar items- great minds think alike! My bag is a Marc Jacobs tote that I got from Saks! It’s the perfect size- not too small and not too large that you overstuff it and hurt your shoulder :)

  3. I’m with you on handwriting in calendars and notebooks! As much as I love my iPhone, there’s something so comforting about having hard copies of To Do lists. We have pretty similar bag contents, but I carry black puppy poo bags for my ultra masculine Bodhi dog ;-)

    Oh, and I always make sure to have a big bottle of water and my school ID badge (for a few more weeks, at least!)

    Love the bag, btw, where did you find it??

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