JPPilates Updated Teaching Schedule for 4/24 & 4/26

After spending some time organizing my calendar this morning I realized I have quite the busy next few days in store for you. I’m subbing some classes and I have my last Pilates Barre Intensive at North End Yoga scheduled for Saturday.

Check out my teaching schedule below and I hope to see you on the mat (or at the barre) once or twice! xo, JP

Thursday, April 24:
10:00 – 10:45am | Babies & Barre Class at Charlestown Yoga
Sign up:

7:15 – 8:15pm | Pilates Fusion at North End Yoga
Sign up:

Saturday, April 26:
10:15 – 11:15am | Subbing Pilates HD at Equinox Dartmouth
*EQ Members Only

12:15 – 1:00pm | Subbing Pilates at Charlestown Yoga
Sign up:

2:00 – 4:00pm | PILATES BARRE INTENSIVE workshop at North End Yoga
*Only a few spots left, sign up:

Conquering My Fears One Class At A Time

Some of you may have seen that I publicly announced this week on my Facebook page that I was making it my goal to blog at least one time per week. Since I want to hold myself accountable I decided to put showering and packing for my New York trip that’s tomorrow on hold to sit down and do this. So here I go…

It’s the perfect time to blog because today was a super successful day for the ‘stay at home mom side‘ of JPPilates! Grayson and I CO- TAUGHT our first official class together. And neither of us shed a tear, which these days is a major feat in itself.

Since moving to Charlestown I’ve gotten to know Kristin Quinn the owner of Charlestown Yoga. (I actually knew her first from reading her hilarious blog.) I met Kristin in person when I sat next to her at my first ever exercise class that I took with Grayson when he was 6 weeks old. Since then we’ve been in touch a bit about me subbing classes and teaching a workshop at her studio, but earlier this week she caught me off guard when she asked if I would be interested in subbing the Babies and Barre class – the same one I first took so many weeks ago.

My first reaction when reading her email was HELL NO. Even though Kristin told me I could bring Grayson with me I thought there was no freaking way I would be able to teach a room of Moms, babies AND worry about my own son too. I’m not that pulled together yet. Or am I? On second thought I decided to tell her yes. What was the worst that could happen… Actually we don’t want to go there, so I just decided to put my big girl pants on, step up to the plate and give this challenge a try.

So for those of you without babies at home, let me share that I was worried about more than just ‘what if Grayson cries, pukes, poops or pees all over me while I’m standing in front of a room of people.” I now had to figure out the following (and yes I actually made a list of things I was worried about organizing).

1. What time do I need to dress, change and feed Grayson before we leave the house so that as the teacher I can actually be on time?
2. How will I figure out showering and getting myself to look presentable all before 9:45 am. It’s not easy I swear.
3. How do I get actually Grayson to the studio which is 3 blocks away? Do I push him in the stroller, then put him in the ergo carrier to teach class? Or do I wear him in the ergo to walk over, then when we get there take him out of the ergo to take off his sweatshirt, then put him back in the Ergo to wear him during class. You see, I can’t keep the sweatshirt on while I teach because he will over heat, which may mean he’ll start to scream and then I will have to deal with a sweaty, screaming baby which will make me start to sweat and want to scream…

OK you get it? I’ll stop there. 

Anyways I figured out all of the above and was ready to conquer the world. I mean I was ready to teach a 45 minute class just down the road. Somehow I managed to get myself and Grayson dressed and ready to leave on time. We were just about to depart when this happened.


Shit. Is it too late to back out?

I guess the G Man didn’t appreciate his “I Love Pilates” outfit. Well I was just trying to be cute and clever. Noted. I won’t do that again.

Despite this minor setback we made it to the studio on time. I decided to wear Grayson in the Ergo Baby Carrier the whole time I was teaching in hopes that he would fall into a trance of fetal recognition once he heard the Rhianna tunes and my finger snapping. And it worked! Once he heard my teacher voice turn on he stopped squirming and went along for the ride… And oh what a ride it was.

afterlight-2This was the hardest class I’ve ever taught, and I’m not just saying that because I had a 13lb baby strapped to my body. Picture this… Music is playing. Babies are whimpering, whining, gurgling and CRYING. Moms are shushing, holding, rocking, swaying and feeding. There is a wonderful assistant walking around the room picking up crying babies and soothing them. There are small infants on the floor, on the mats, in car seats and on laps. I have to make sure I don’t step on a small baby, pacifier, toy or bottle. Oh yea, and we’re doing Pilates.




To say there is a lot going on is an understatement. If I wasn’t a new mom myself I wouldn’t have gotten it. But now I do. It all works. Just like everything else in this new world of parenthood, you just do what you gotta do, when you gotta do it. The teacher in me wondered if anyone in the room was even paying attention to the instructions I was giving. The mom in me wondered why I cared and said shut up, they are doing amazing!

And you know what, we all did great! The beauty of a class like this isn’t always about the workout. It’s about the fact that you made it out of the house (not in pjs) and attempted to do something so good for your body. Anything else (planks, push-ups, c-curve) is just an added bonus.

The good part is that I got to help these new moms who are just like me and it felt amazing! Grayson ended up falling asleep about five minutes into the class and slept the entire time and even for a full hour afterwards. I got meet new Mom friends and see old ones too.


And for the best news… I’m going to be permanently subbing this class on a weekly basis (with Grayson) until the regular teacher returns! I know it will be a challenge for me, but I’m so excited to take this on and grow as a teacher and a new mommy.

Sometimes it’s the things that scare us and stress us out that are the most rewarding. It may seem small and trivial, but for me today was a monumental day in my new world. Yay!

So do you guys think I’m crazy? Have you ever faced challenges that may seem small but still leave you feeling fulfilled and like a superhero? Please share! 

You can find Grayson and I co-teaching Babies and Barre (BYOB – Bring Your Own Baby to class) at Charlestown Yoga on Thursdays 10:00-10:45am until the end of May when the regular teacher returns at which time I will convert back to a regular student in class again.


Where To Workout with JPPilates This Spring & Summer

I’m so excited to say the time is finally here! As my maternity leave starts to wind down I’m feeling excited to slowly get back to teaching around Boston. I’ve been working hard to create a new schedule for you guys so below is a run down of what I’ve got planned. This is everything I have available for the next few months. We’ll see how it goes (and how Baby Boomer does with it too) and add on as we go along. Oh and I’ve had a lot of time at home, lots of time to think and think and plan great new things for you!

Let me know if you have any questions and I can’t wait to see you on the mat soon!

Thursdays at North End Yoga
Starting April 3rd
Pilates Fusion at 7:15pm
Reserve your spot online
Drop-ins are $15

Workshops at North End Yoga
View all workshop details
Pilates Barre Intensives (April, 2hrs, $35)
Spring Clean Your Pilates Mat Practice (April 13, 1.5hrs, $25)
JPPilates Total Body Bootcamp (June 1, 1.5hrs, $25)

Mondays at Equinox
Starting May 5th
Pilates Mat Fusion at 6:45pm (time may change to 10 minutes earlier)
Class is open to Equinox Members Only

Spring Bootcamp REFORMER Series at Equinox
Join me for 6 weeks in the private Pilates Studio to lengthen, stretch and tone your entire body into shape for the spring! This bootcamp will not be easy! Plan to work hard and break a sweat. Enrollment open to Equinox members only.
Very limited space available. Email asap if interested. 

Session 1 Dates: Saturday May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st and June 7th & 14th
Time: 8:00 – 8:55 AM
Cost: $360
Group limited to 6 people max

Session 2 Dates: Saturday May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st and June 7th & 14th
Time: 10:45 – 11:40 AM
Cost: $360
Group limited to 6 people max

In-Home Privates or Duets in Charlestown, MA
Starting April 1st
Available weekdays 5:30 - 8:00 AM  or after 5:30 PM
Please email for package rates and scheduling.


And last but  certainly not least….VERY VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!| 

Starting in May I will be offering a FREE WEEKLY special event:


I will share more details soon but based on the title I think you may get the idea. Get pumped. This is going to be the fitness fun event of the summer.

#TBT: Reflections

I’m a big fan of this whole “Throwback Thursday” online craze. We take so many pictures every day and they just pile up and we quickly lose track and forget about so many of them. So it’s fun to look back and remember the little memories that make up the pieces of our lives. Why we do it on Thursday? No clue, but I’ll roll with it.

For my first official #TBT post I’m reflecting on my very first photo shoot with Stylist and friend Keely Witkowski and Photographer Lucie Wicker. Back then in 2010 Lucie was still in photography school, I had no idea how to model (fine, let’s be honest, I don’t really know how to now either) and Keely was a friend who convinced me to leave my comfort zone behind and really put myself out there. This was way before every fitness person in Boston started working with this talented dynamic duo. I remember setting up this photo shoot and having no idea what I was getting myself into. I don’t think Lucie did either. (I’m pretty sure Keely was the only one with a clue.) We showed up at Castle Island just outside of Boston with loads of clothes, makeup and props. I was undressing behind a sheet in public and Keely was shouting all sorts of excited phrases as I ‘worked it’ in front of the camera. People were staring. We may have frightened Lucie a little, (I know was I stunned by what I was doing) but several hours later we had taken some of the most amazing photos I’d ever seen of myself and more importantly the JPPilates you know today was really born!










I love this image because I think it captures my relationship with Keely perfectly. She has supported me (literally) since day 1. She’s never been afraid to get her feet dirty and jump in the water alongside me. She has pushed me, challenged me, been honest with me and celebrated with me through every obstacle and victory. Sure she has ‘styled’ me, but more than that, she’s been a true friend to me.


Celebrate those people in your life who have your back. You know who they are. The people who stand on the sidelines and cheer you on. Who work with you and become your best friends. Never take for granted the people around you.

“Do not chase people. Work hard and be you. The right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay. Do your thing.” 

Happy Throwback Thursday!

JPPilates Joins Teaching Line Up for LIVE FIT – A Benefit Event in Charlestown

I’m happy to share that I was invited by Equinox to teach at a very special event in my very own neighborhood of Charlestown next week! I’m so honored that Equinox asked me to participate in this great benefit because it combines things very dear to me – children, charity and fitness. AND it’s my very first teaching opportunity since I’ve been on leave so I hope you’ll keep reading and be able to join me…

On Thursday, March 27th two organizations F.I.T. and Stepping Stones for Stella are coming together to host LIVE FIT in partnership with Spaulding Rehab Facility in Charlestown.

Event Details
Thursday, March 27
$10 per person
Spaulding Rehab Facility, Charlestown, MA
Click HERE for more info on tickets and sign-up

This event is a fitness buffet of sorts where you are invited to participate in some of Boston’s most innovative classes led by the best instructors. Participants pay $10 to participate in the full two hours (6:00-8:30pm) or in the classes you prefer. 100% of the proceeds go to Stepping Stones for Stella. 

I’d love to see some of you there! There will be some great instructors from Equinox teaching as well as instructors from many studios/clubs in Boston. I’ll be teaching a 20 minute Pilates Bootcamp segment. 

About The Organizations

F.I.T. (Fitness Inspired Training) is dedicated to educating, encouraging and challenging people of all fitness levels to become fit for life by implementing healthy and sustainable habits.

Stepping Stones for Stella (SSFS) is a non profit organization, whose mission is to provide children with disabilities the freedom to access the great outdoors through the use of our Buggies. At SSFS they build beach buggies for children so they can live a life without limitations. Read more about this amazing program here.

For more information please visit LIVE FIT: CELEBRATING BOSTON’S BEST IN FITNESS. 

Jenn Returns to North End Yoga in April

NEYI’m so excited to share that I’m going to be back teaching at North End Yoga starting Thursday, April 3rd! I’ll be teaching my favorite class, Pilates Fusion on Thursdays at 7:15pm.

Mark your calendars and remember to sign up online to reserve your spot ahead of time. Class is limited to 45 participants.

I can’t wait to kick your little butts again!!!

Stay tuned for more class and event announcements coming soon… Also check my Facebook page for real time news!


Letter to My Students

Dear Students,

It’s been exactly one week since I stopped all of my teaching and entered into this new world called maternity leave. And I already miss you. You know when it really hit me? When I was catching up on The X Factor.

Yes, I’m an X Factor fan. I’ve never really gotten into The Voice and we all know American Idol is so yesterday. There’s just something about Simon Cowell and the show’s amazing montages that get me every time. Anyways. The show’s winners Alex and Sierra did this incredibly chilling rendition of ‘Say Something.’ I immediately downloaded it from iTunes and knew it would be the perfect closing of class song. But then I remembered there are no more classes. It’s over for now. And I got really sad. So I played the song a few times by belly for little Baby B and realized he’s my audience for now and felt a little better.

But I do miss you all. It feels so dramatic. The goodbyes, the ‘last classes,’ the gifts and so on, but it’s a big deal. I always say I love what I do and I hope you know I actually mean it. My job is personal. I’m privileged to have friendships with all my clients, many of whom I’ve been working with for years now. I know almost all of the people who take my classes every week, multiple times a week. You guys show up in snow storms, during vacations and in massive crowds. We often irritate the classes before us because we storm in excited and loud and I love that about you. We’re not like the other classes. You actually answer me when I ask questions, you show up with your A game every time and sometimes you sing along to the music or whoop at the end of class. How could I not LOVE working with you all? It’s not work, it’s fun.


Most importantly you’ve been there for me during the most important 9 months of my life. Being pregnant has not always been easy. The first three months were pretty terrible. I hadto sub out a lot of my classes and when I was teaching I was sometimes a little more focused on locating the nearest trash can than I was on you. But you stuck with me. I was very nervous when I made my big announcement that maybe some of you wouldn’t be so thrilled because you knew changes would be in store. But you were all so genuinely happy. As I started to gain weight and sometimes feel a little down about the changes in my body, you guys would tell me I was glowing. I pushed you hard because I didn’t want you to think I was going soft and many of you commented I was an even ‘tougher’ and better teacher than before.

I phased out my classes so it wouldn’t feel like a shock to end everything all at once. But still the last week of my remaining group classes were emotionally tough but amazing. So incredible that I have remark on a very special last night at North End Yoga.

I’ve been teaching at North End Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays for almost 5 years now. These two classes have been concrete staples in my life. There’s something about the magic in that room that makes my classes at this studio unlike any other. My last Tuesday night class may have housed one of the most magical teaching moments of my career.

afterlight-1Class was sold out. 45 of us filled the room. The windows were fogged. We were all sweating and I was utterly exhausted. I gave you every single trick up my sleeve and every ounce of my energy. It was 8:10pm and I put on the last song of the class. We took the whole song to lie in stillness. As I sat on the window sill and watched all of you, I reflected on how grateful I am for all aspects of my life. Was it cheesy that we were listening to One Direction’s ‘The Story of my Life?’ Yes. But that doesn’t matter. As I said one last time, “Thanks guys, you’re all set,” the room broke out in spontaneous applause. The music was loud but the claps grew louder and I stood up and said ‘You’re going to make me cry.’ It was the loudest roar of applause and now I’m starting to tear up thinking about it again. If you were in the room, I know you felt it. Love. Thank you to that room of students and friends. My heart was totally melted with gratitude.


Call me hormonal (and some have) but I wanted to write this note to you all to let you know I really mean it when I say I’m going to miss you. No I won’t be gone forever, but it won’t ever be the same.  I am beyond excited to welcome my son into this world, but with every new thing comes change. I look forward to taking the next few months to embrace my new life and family but I won’t forget about you all. Because you are like family too. I will be back, I promise.

These past nine months have flown by and the entire time I was under the wings of your support. Thank you for being there for me. Love to you all.   - Jenn





1 Home Private for $75 
1 Home Duet for $50 (per person)

Here’s the deal. Since my last online sale was such a success, I decided to run this final offer for you all! A few details have changed, so make sure to read the conditions below… Happy Shopping!

*** In order to purchase a deal, EMAIL JENNIFERMPHELAN@GMAIL.COM TODAY by 8PM. Session will be scheduled via email and a date must be selected with Jenn via email. All scheduling is subject to availability. If an agreeable date can’t be set up, there is no penalty and the deal will not go through.***



  • Limited Time Offer Only! Deal ends at 8PM EST TODAY!
  • Limit of 1 session per person.
  • All deals are subject to scheduling availability
  • Offer valid for homes in CHARLESTOWN AND NORTH END only 
  • Sessions are 60 minutes each
  • There is a 48hr cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will not be eligible for rescheduling.
  • Limited number of sales are available at a first come, first serve basis

Why Purchase?

The reasons are simple! 1) I’m going to be on maternity leave January – April, which sadly means no more JPPilates for a while. Get your fix NOW, while you can! I can even set up a plan for you, to keep you on track while I’m away! 2) Tis the season to NOT let your workouts escape you. It can be tough to get over to the gym, so let me come to you! I show at your house, kick your butt and leave you feeling great, all in an hour and you don’t even need to put on your sneakers and go outside!

Don’t use ‘this is a busy time of year for me‘. That excuse does not work. There is ALWAYS time, particularly with me coming to the comfort of your own home.

So let’s make a deal! And if you have any questions at all, just email me ( and I’m sure we can work something out!

Happy Shopping!!! Remember sale ends TONIGHT at 8PM!!! 


Maternity Leave Announcement For Group Classes

MEI can’t believe the time has already come to write this post! But as my belly keeps getting bigger and my overall energy is dwindling, it’s finally time to make this bittersweet announcement.

Below you will find the end dates for all of my remaining group Pilates classes at both Equinox and North End Yoga. I don’t have all of the information on who will be replacing me, so I can’t post my long-term subs at this time. Please reach out to NEY and Equinox directly to get that info.

As for my return date, that’s also up in the air. My plan as of right now will be to return to teaching  sometime this spring! Expect some new classes and times from me, and of course I’ll keep you posted along the way.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! I’ve still got about a month of group classes left, and we’re turning the heat and volume up, so make sure to join me as many times as you can!

Mondays: Pilates Mat Fusion at Equinox 

Tuesdays: Pilates Barre & Pilates Fusion at North End Yoga

Wednesdays: Pilates Flow at Equinox

Fridays: Barre Burn at Equinox

* I will still be working with my private clients throughout December. If you want to book a private session with me, I do have some limited availability, mostly at Equinox. Please email me at for more info.*