And We're Live!

Welcome to the brand sparkling new home of JPPilates! It's been a long time in the making but I couldn't think of a better time than now to launch this site. There's quite a buzz in the air lately and I have lots of upcoming projects and adventures on the horizon. Now I have a fresh, central location to share these things with you

Take a second to look around. You'll find my updated schedule, new descriptions, new photos and links to my special events. I hope you find the information helpful and easy to navigate. 

The feature I'm most excited about is this blog. For a very long time I've been craving a new, clean space to write. I have a lot to say and I'm finally ready to share.

The past two years have been life changing. I experienced the ups and downs of pregnancy and how that affected my body and spirit while I taught Pilates 35+ hours a week. In January of 2014 I gave birth to my son and my world as I knew it was officially rocked. I've never experienced such complete joy, utter fear, exhilaration, exhaustion and everything in between, all at once. And it continues every single day. Balancing motherhood and being a fitness professional is really, really hard. I don't quite have it figured out yet and I'm not sure that I ever really will. But one thing I've learned is that is okay. The struggle is there and that what makes me real. I'm actually stronger, more determined and driven than I've ever been before.

My goal for this blog to simply share. This is not a blog just about being a mom. It's also not just about Pilates or fitness. It's a blog about me. My life. What inspires me, what scares me, what I'm doing and where I'm headed.

Of course I will be sharing JPP info like what special events I have coming up (lots!), workout tips (think quick in-home drills), recipes (SO many of you asked for this!) and Pilates news. But my hope is that it will be about so much more.

A glimpse into life through my viewpoint. 

I hope you'll follow along on the ride and join me in discussions. Together we can motivate each other to live fit, healthy lives with lots of Pilates on the side. 

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new site. Here goes nothing...