Boston Moms, This Is For You!


My free classes sponsored by Safety1st and their brand new Boston pop up store are just a few days away! Have you signed up to join me yet? Click the links below to reserve your free space! 

Friday, May 15 JPPilates Stroller Camp at 11am

Saturday, May 16 JPPilates Stroller Camp at 11am

Moms and babies will meet at the Safety1st store in Faneuil Hall at 11am. We'll then stroll over to the Greenway as a group for a class on the grass. You will use your stroller for 'barre' exercises then we'll hit the mat for Pilates to condition and strengthen our cores. Babies are welcome to stay in the stroller the whole class or join you on the mat to play. During certain exercises you will have the option to hold and lift you baby to enhance your workout and have fun with your little one. Mats and water will be provided. All you need is your stroller and baby. 

While there is no specific age limit for the babies, I recommend that your child is pre-mobile. But each mom knows their baby best, so if older children can happily stay in their stroller they are welcome to attend. 

The best part about this class is that when it comes the babies, anything goes. We're all moms, myself included, so we get it! If you have to nurse, change a diaper, sing, shush or hold your baby at any point, it's okay. Just show up, get some fresh air, meet other new moms and fit in some exercise. You won't regret it, I promise! 

AND you better believe we're going to have some incredible giveaways during class. I won't reveal too much here other than to say to trust me, you don't want to miss out!!! 

Unfortunately in the case of rainy weather class will be cancelled. Check my social media pages for updates if the forecast looks bad. 

Oh and remember that fun photo shoot I did with Baby Boomer, Lucie Wicker Photography and B.Fetching for Safety1st? Well, here are a few of the final pics!! What do you think?

Will you be attending a Stroller Camp class? Do you know someone who might be interested in joining us? Please leave me a comment below. I want to hear from you!!!