Inside My World Lately

The past few weeks have felt like a cyclone of excitement. And I'm going to use this for my excuse as to why I haven't been blogging as frequently as I promised. When I sat down tonight and just started listing off all the things I have going on in my head, I literally got butterflies in my belly. I have so many things coming up that it's crazy!

AND I just wrapped up an epic weekend of collaborations with Safety1st, where I taught three classes for Moms and their babies, plus expecting mothers. 


JPPilates Stroller Camp was a dream! The weather was perfect, the babies were cooing (seriously, not a cry out of one) and the Moms were getting their sweat on. We jogged alongside Faneuil Hall, and plied with our strollers out in the Greenway. I got to hold many, many adorable babies. Could my job be any better? 

I can't wait to share more about these classes, including some great photos in an upcoming blog post. 

The Pre-Natal Pilates Bootcamp class was a hit. Every single Mom who attended received her very own Step and Go Stroller System, including an infant car seat. I mean, when does a giveaway of this magnitude ever happen? 

So what is else is going on? A lot! Here we go...



Nike Training Club

I feel so lucky to have been selected as a Nike Training Club (NTC) Trainer. NTC is launching in Boston and our first free class will be Monday, May 18th at 8:04pm at Nike Boston on Newbury Street. To kick things off I'll be co-teaching alongside fellow Nike trainers Dustin Martin, Christina Lodde, Jessica Latshaw and Jacqui Mimno. 

You must register for this class online. Registration opens each Sunday prior to the weekly classes. Get lean, get toned, get strong. You'll be #betterforit. #Justdoit. You get the picture. 

Yes, class is really free. Yes, class will be every Monday. (No class on Memorial Day.) Yes, this is just the start of big things for Boston! Get pumped! 



Asana Charlestown

The rumors are true. There is a brand new yoga, Pilates and barre studio opening this summer in Charlestown! I'm elated to tell you that I will be teaching weekly classes at this studio, in my own neighborhood. My classes will include Pilates Fusion, Pilates Barre and even a weekly class for all my fellow Charlestown Moms and their babies.

You will also see me on the mat next you. I'm quite grateful to be able to deepen my own practice at what I know will be an authentic, inspiring space with some of Boston's best instructors leading classes. 

Asana will be located at 20 City Square.

For more information visit the Asana Facebook page or their website.  

Ladies of Equinox Summer Series

It's back! The first event was so much fun that we decided we couldn't stop there. Ali Baldassare, Lauren Hefez, and I will be bringing you a free, fierce, fitness fusion of dance, barre and Pilates, once a month at Equinox. 

Class dates are June 10th, July 1st and August 5th at 7:30pm.

You do not need to be a member of Equinox to attend. Everyone is welcome. 

Sign up via the Facebook event page. Please check this page for further class announcements, including additional registration as the dates get closer.

Yes, class is really free. Yes, class is once a month. Yes, you get to see me shake my booty WITH you on the Equinox dance floor. 



And while all of this has been going on I continue to balance being a stay at home mother to my son Grayson. I'm fortunate to have a nanny once a week to allow me to teach private Pilates clients for an entire day. But other than that, during the week days it's just me and my little man. In between emails, scheduling, (very) early morning clients and evening group classes, Grayson and I keep quite busy.

At 16 months old Grayson is now walking, exploring and always in motion. He loves playing ball, cars, music class, swings and slides. His now says, mamma, dadda, ball, book, bath, baby, this, and ut oh (we say that word a lot).

We just completed the successful transition of milk in a bottle to a sippy cup. This was the most challenging and by far the most rewarding accomplishment, (beyond any professional achievement) that I experienced all month. 

Life is crazy. Life is busy. Life is incredible! 

Phew... What do you think? Are you as excited as I am for everything that's coming up this summer? Do you want to read more? Should I keep these blogs coming?

I want to hear from you in a comment below!